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What are the Most Used Hosting Terms?

What are the Most Used Hosting Terms?

Nov 28, 2020
If you are a user of a hosting service, planning to purchase a hosting or even to start a business, we are sharing with you the most basic hosting terms you need to know in the hosting industry.

What is FTP?

"File Transfer Protocol" - the files you have prepared for your website are used to upload the images to the releated folders. FTP client is required to provide FTP connection. You can download the "FileZilla FTP Client" program which is commonly used for FTP client and You can start the file transfer by entering the connection information transmitted by your company.

What is DNS?

"Domain Name System" - Computers use IP addresses to find websites, and users use domain names. The task of DNS is to convert the URL entered by the user into IP addresses. In short, DNS is the system that provides the communication between the user computer, the domain name and the hosting server where the site is hosted.

What is Disk Space?

Disk space is the file hosting space that the company has allocated to you within the hosting server. The values for this field, such as 500MB, 1GB, indicate the maximum capacity you can load in this field. Usually, FTP is used for uploading files to this field.

What is Traffic (Bandwidth)?

The traffic limit indicates the limit of the processes and data transfers made by visitors to your website on your page. Your traffic usage is calculated based on the number of times the files such as images, pages, videos, etc. are displayed on your website.

What is Database?

Database is an area where regular and interrelated data is collected. MySQL and MsSQL are the software that needs to be installed on the server, which enables the creation, management, control of the data and publication of the databases.

What is Subdomain?

If subdomain is supported by your hosting package, it means that you can open as many subdomains as you want. Subdomain is a service that can be used if your hosting package supports it. According to your creativity, its usage areas may change.