Terms and conditions


Registration rules

Your mobile number is required for registration. You should enter your mobile number correctly. Activation code will be sent to your number. You will activate your account entering the activation code. Otherwise your account will be deactivated.

General Domain regulations

Domain name must comply with ethics and law of The Republic of Azerbaijan. Domain names can only contain English alphabet letters, numbers, and "-" character. Domain names contradicting the rules will be deleted.

.AZ Domain regulations

Domain name with .AZ must contain at least 3 characters.
Domains for region names and abbreviations of region names are not registered. Using the domain names referring to brands without the permission is illegal and if this kind of case is found out this domain name will be deleted.

International Domain Regulations

Domain name must contain at least 3 characters.
The confirmation mesaage is sent to e-mail address you provide. You should click the link to activate the domain name. Otherwise domain will be deactivated.

Domain payment Regulations

Domains like domainname.sayt.az are free while for other domains you should pay the price.

Confidentiality of information

The information given by you while registering the domain name will be shown in "Who is" section of company sites who sell domain names. But your domain list in our site and your personal details will not be revealed to others.


Note 1:

Your personal details and website information are protected by Sayt.az. It is illegal to intervene to internal resources of other websites. But these kinds of problems can happen. So we do not recommend to place your personal details in the site.

Note 2:

We recommend you to change your password once in three months for security issues. In order to minimize to risk, we advise not to include your personal details(name, surname,birthday, mobile number, etc.) in the password.

Note 3:

Please, take into consideration that it is possible your website information being stolen and lost as a result of external intervation. That is why we recommend you to keep a copy of your site in a local folder in your computer.

Terms and Conditions

You can use on free basis the website you build in our system for 7 days. Then you must upgrade to one of the Premium plans.Otherwise your website will be blocked by the system.
After the ending the duration of Premium plan, if you do not extend the duration for the new term, the site will be blocked again.
After terminated by us, the website exist in the system with notification about the payment for a month, again if you do not pay for extending the webs ite will be deleted permanently.
The websites which do not comply with ethics rules and law of The Republic of Azerbaijan will be deleted.

Updating the rules

Bu qaydalar yenilənə bilər. Mütəmadi olaraq bu ünvana daxil olaraq tanış ola bilərsiniz.